Internal Audit Executive

1.Perform quality management system audit base on ISO9001:2008 requirement & operational management system audit to ensure the effectiveness & efficiency of existing internal control within orgabization;
2.Preparation & circulation of audit schedule, audit checklist, ISO9001:2008 documentation & other documents when required to auditee and/orconcerned parties was informed by Superior
3.To draft relevant report such as Audit Report, Summary Audit Report, Audit Finding Report after audit conducted
4.To follow up with auditees of the audit finding response, review the effectiveness of action taken and/or corective action (if necessary)taken and/or audit outsatnding jobs/tasks after the audit conducted
5.To ewview operational managemnt sysytem policies, rules & regulations for continuous improvement
6.To maintain a good filing system(hardcopy & softcopy for data easy & fast extraction when is required

1.Diploma/higher in Accounting/Financa & Business Administration/Management or Secretarial or relevan Audit Qualification
2.3 yrs working experiance with corporate goverance & at least 1 yrs in Internal Audit
3.CAn Write & speak in English, Mandarin & Malay
4. Knowleade in ISO9001:2008

Interested candidates can email/call Ms.Faez at or 016-2107015

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